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Lightweight Technology Designed Your Way

Washington Penn Plastic is a leader in innovative lightweight technologies, helping customers achieve reduced part weight through a variety of methods.  

Engineered polyolefin compounds can be an excellent, lightweight alternative.  Our menu of high performance fibers and mixed mineral-reinforced solutions can offer better performance properties with a lower overall product density.  And material substitution can be a source of lightweighting options, with our polyolefin products often being lower density than engineered polymers.

We have partnered with automotive OEMs to lead the way in integrating lightweight TPO solutions into vehicle designs, through material density reduction and/or part thinning.  This technology has driven improvements in fuel efficiency, reduced vehicle emissions and lowered operating costs – all without sacrificing the performance of individual components.  Learn more about our lightweight TPO here.

Industries such as consumer and packaging are incorporating WPP lightweight technology to downgauge and optimize stiffness to capitalize on material savings, decreased part cost and environmental benefits.