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Extensive Glass Fiber Options to Meet Your Needs

At Washington Penn Plastic, we custom formulate materials to meet your specific property requirements. Glass fiber offers the best tensile strength, heat resistance and stiffness improvement of nearly any other reinforcing agent.  At WPP, we supply a variety of custom formulated short glass polypropylene compounds that range in glass content, mechanical properties, color and more.   Our modular glass fiber technology provides even better stiffness and strength for robust injection molding applications.

In general, glass-reinforced polypropylene compounds are used in structural components that require higher levels of stiffness, strength and heat resistance, predominantly within automotive, appliance and furniture applications.  Washington Penn Plastic has successfully completed a number of programs that have displaced either glass-filled nylons or long glass polypropylene materials that have resulted in significant cost savings to the customer.  Contact us to learn more about opportunities for replacing traditional engineering resins.


Key Benefits:

  • Significantly increases the stiffness and part strength of polypropylene
  • Enhances the heat performance of polypropylene
  • Engineering Resin Replacement - At Washington Penn, we have successfully formulated products to replace glass-filled nylons and long-glass polypropylene, resulting in significant cost savings for the customer. Interested in learning more about replacing traditional engineering resins?  Let's talk!